Victor Heng

Expert Trainer

Victor Heng, Founder of KidsMed Yoga. He has a twin-boys currently studying in primary school. Victor Heng has more than 20 years of meditation experience as well as kids-meditation training experience. He had studied and practiced various meditations including Yoga in his younger days before forming his own non-religion meditation technic. Victor Heng has written many EQ related articles and conducted talks/lectures before. He has written a philosophical book called “The Law of Events upon Event” which he had published fourth edition. KidsMed Yoga is a brand name for his unique cool Yoga meditation programme which aims to correct kids’ inappropriate behaviour and avoid or fight autism.

Han HJ

Warm Yoga Trainer

Han Hj is wife of Victor Heng. She has more than 10 years of experience practicing warm Yoga with good achievement. Currently she is assisting Victor Heng to conduct KidsMed cool Yoga courses.

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